Oct 04 2015

Second Thoughts


We’ve all seen buildings dedicated to special people—some who were rich and donated money towards the original construction, some who had contributed in other ways, and some who had died. The custom for this last category is to use the word, “memorial,”

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Sep 03 2015

She Expected to Find Treasure


Alisia knew that there were treasures to be found in the sand, pebbles, and stones at the edge of the lake. She went from spot to spot, using her fingers to sift and pull out the tiny pieces of beach glass. They were not visible until she dug for them.

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Aug 25 2015

Former Atheist Changed On Way to Hell

Image from page 163 of

Here is the story of a man who was being forced toward hell as his body lay dying.

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May 09 2015

All Things Work Together For Good

From some hidden items that she discovers in the house, she moves into a discovery of who her mother was and finds out that in many ways she is very much like her mother was.

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Apr 02 2015

The Day Death Went Into Its Grave

People had no assurance that the victims that death took away would have life beyond the grave. Death brought hopelessness.

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Mar 10 2015

If God’s Love Was…


f God’s love was a seed, you could not bear the weight on your back.
If God’s love was a droplet of water, you would be doomed to a life beneath the current.
If God’s love was a dot in the sky, you would be swallowed by the expanse of the universe.

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Feb 28 2015

God Leaves an Imprint

prints in the sand

But we can’t always see the way God is working behind the scenes. He is weaving together circumstances, connections between people, changes in attitude and ideas, and many other things…

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Feb 20 2015

Bringing Your Children to Christ


Raising a child in the world today presents a variety of challenges and obstacles that make life challenging for Christian parents. One of those challenges is passing on your faith to your children. Their lives may be consumed with video games, youth sports, and the peer pressures that comes with going to school. But it …

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Jan 21 2015

Got the January Blahs?

The cold has settled in and bright sunshine isn’t seen often, especially in the northern states. How are you feeling?

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Dec 28 2014

Traffic Jams and Jangled Nerves

Many scriptures point to how we can recover the joy of the Lord. One of the best known scriptures is Psalm 51 when David prayed, “Restore to me the joy of your salvation” (Psalm 51:12). When he refocused, God began to do the impossible.

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