Jan 21 2015

Got the January Blahs?

The cold has settled in and bright sunshine isn’t seen often, especially in the northern states. How are you feeling?

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Dec 28 2014

Traffic Jams and Jangled Nerves

Many scriptures point to how we can recover the joy of the Lord. One of the best known scriptures is Psalm 51 when David prayed, “Restore to me the joy of your salvation” (Psalm 51:12). When he refocused, God began to do the impossible.

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Dec 19 2014

When I Think of Christmas

Have you ever run into people who tell you that it’s wrong to have a Christmas tree or who criticize some other aspect of your Christmas celebration?

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Nov 23 2014

Experience the Joy of Christmas!

So celebrate Christmas merrily! Show others His love. Give so that others can be blessed. Enjoy the company of friends and family. Laugh! Sing heartily!

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Nov 16 2014

Don’t Crawl Off the Anvil!

Fire up the anvil of God.

The chain doesn’t break with the first blow, and maybe not even with the second or the third. He has to keep the chain hot and keeps pounding.

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Nov 12 2014

The Unthankful Lepers

We could make someone happy if we would just “Do it Now,” and say, “Thank you” or “You made my day.” These words mean a lot too: “What you did for me meant so much.” “I appreciate it.”

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Nov 09 2014

How Can I Change?

Some of what’s inside of us needs a lot more work before we’ll really see that kind of change. Maybe we are asking ourselves, “How can I change?”

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Oct 13 2014

Is Jesus’ Light Shining In Your Heart?

As the sun rises, the darkness disappears.

What God showed her was that even when she was in the darkness, He was there loving her. Even when she didn’t realize He was there with her, He was. As she stepped into the light, she sensed His presence, but also realized that He had been there all along.

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Sep 27 2014

Don’t Be Dismayed

What would we do without God's promises?

We hear of natural disasters, wars, crime, new viruses that are spreading all over, radical terrorists who are beheading, raping, and kidnapping Christians, and it can all seem overwhelming!

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Sep 13 2014

Even the Mundane Can Turn Into Worship

The forecast looks the cooler weather is here to stay. So I decided to go to the attic and bring down my warmer clothing and to pack up my summer things. As I was taking things from the closet and drawers and sorting which clothing needs to stay packed for winter weather and what should go into the closet, I decided it would be good to have some worship music playing in the background.

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