Jul 23 2010

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You Are God’s Flower Garden

Did you ever notice how quickly a small flower bud opens up into a magnificent blossom?  Every spring I am amazed to see how quickly the little buds pop out of branches, bushes, and the ground.  And then I get excited as within days the buds burst open into leaves, blossoms, and flowers.  Just a little nutrition from the soil, warmth from the sun, and spring rain, cause the unfolding of glorious beauty all around us.

Did you know that you are God’s flower garden?  The living Word of God, spoken into your life, contains everything needed to unfold the glory of God into your life.  Maybe you feel like you’ve been plowed under by the weight of problems and struggles for too long, but watch and see how that plowing is preparing you to become a beautiful garden.

God sees what you can’t see. He has been planting many seeds into your life, and you don’t always realize that they are there. These seeds may have come from others sharing spiritual truth with you, through reading the Bible, through circumstances that have drawn your attention to God, through words of encouragement, through Christian music, through sermons, and through the Holy Spirit teaching you.

All you need is to add spiritual nutrition through prayer and meditating on His Word.  Soak up the warm Sonshine of Jesus’ love.  And open your heart to let the water of the Holy Spirit flow into you and out through you.  As you do, the seeds will grow and poke up through the good soil of your spirit.  (If your spirit hasn’t been good soil, ask His forgiveness and ask Him to make you into good soil.)

Suddenly buds will pop out and bloom.  You’ll find yourself singing His praises.  As you worship in spirit and in truth, the glory of His Presence will manifest in your life.  You will be His beautiful flower garden.  The loveliness and fragrance will draw others to Jesus.

Enjoy this beautiful classic hymn, “I Come To The Garden Alone,” as you pray for God to help you blossom.

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  1. Ann Flower

    Just gone through your blog and found it wonderful. it was nice watching the video. Keep on sharing.

  2. ultramigal

    it was very interesting to read http://www.daily-devotionals.com
    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

  3. karenrob

    Anyone may quote the blog posts as long as you include a link back to the post.

    You can find me on Twitter: @devotionsonline


  4. bgeroski

    I would like to exchange links with your site http://www.daily-devotionals.com
    Is this possible?

  5. karenrob

    If you want to do a link exchange, I may be interested if your site relates to Christianity. Post a comment with your website link. If I approve the comment, you’ll have your link. Then you can go ahead and post a link back to this website.

  6. Alex Marestaing

    Thanks for posting this. Great garden metaphor.

  7. shalymere

    I enjoyed watching the video.

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