Oct 03 2010

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Singing Senior Touched Hearts

Since I was home with a bad cold today and couldn’t go to church, I did some channel surfing and found a broadcast of a Bill Gaither gathering.  This took place before Eva Mae Lafevre, a great southern gospel singer, went to be with the Lord at age 92.  As I saw her singing for Jesus, at age 90 with her son, a few tears came to my eyes.

I never got into much Southern Gospel Music, preferring a more contemporary sound, but there is something about some of this genre of music, when done by Spirit-filled Christians, that touches the heart.  Eva Mae was one of those singers.  She, along with women like Dottie Rambo and Vestal Goodman, sang in a way that not only communicated the message of the songs, but also brought a sense of the presence of God.

Due to my mother’s physical difficulties, she is in nursing care with many other seniors who are suffering.  I think one reason watching Eva singing at age 90 touched me was that I see so many of the elderly bound up in pain and suffering and not able to do what they once did.  It was thrilling to see Eva still able to stand and sing, with the joy of the Lord showing on her face.

Here’s a video of what I watched this morning. Maybe it will move something in your spirit too.



I found a two other You Tube videos of her singing in her elder years. Enjoy!






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  1. L0VEKayOh

    lol.. its a 4number pad phone for senior citizens

  2. sheridabbs

    Me and the senior citizens chillin at the eye doc. Who’s up for an early dinner after this?!

  3. YoungMajor414

    im late…they did show her alot of love didnt they lol..it was alot of senior citizens in the crowd lol

  4. best_golf

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  5. fit2gomeal

    Healthy Eating, Exercise and Lifestyle Guide For Senior Citizens” http://bit.ly/npbUP

  6. bubbly_bethany

    My question is what senior citizens you know finna get on sum inflatables. Lol

  7. CFGCareers

    Citizens Financial Group: Senior Risk Manager Business Banking (Cranston, RI) http://bit.ly/adDFUo

  8. cherylyab

    Today’s train has plenty of senior citizens, including one who’s picking his nose in front of me right now. Eewww.

  9. WBTWNews13

    News13’s Nicole Boone is BINGO-ing with senior citizens from across the state today. Here you see her calling… http://fb.me/F73vm5xm

  10. tommy3477

    Murphy suppoing hecklers disrupt senior citizens breakfast with Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick is the Republican in this race.

  11. WtmrWebRadio

    Murphy suppoing hecklers disrupt senior citizens breakfast with Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick is the Republican in this race.

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