Feb 01 2011

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Camp Staff Devotional Now on Kindle

by Karen S. Roberts

It’s hard to believe how much time has gone by since I wrote the camp staff devotional, “John Comes To Camp.” It was because of that devotional that this website was birthed.  I needed a website to make the devotional available.  But it wasn’t long before the Lord gave me a vision for a website that was more about providing devotions to inspire people and making available devotional resources than it was about promoting the devotional ebook that I had written.  It’s been amazing to see guest writers contributing to the site and the readership of the site skyrocketing!  The site has come a long way from the few pages that I put together to launch it early in 2009.

Although many people find this website because they are searching for a camp staff devotional, most people are searching for inspiration, encouragement, and discussion of Biblical principles.  Others are searching for Christian music videos, which I sometimes post as Musical Devotions.

But today I’d like to announce a new milestone for “John Comes To Camp.”  It is now being published on Kindle!    Sales of Kindle devices, such as the Fire HD 8 Tablet, are exploding, for many people love the idea of being able to carry thousands of books on one little ereader gadget.  Kindle apps are available on phones, tablets, and computers as well, so that a Kindle device is not required to read Kindle books.  Books sold on Kindle are almost always less expensive than the versions that must be printed on paper.

And so, “John Comes To Camp,” has now entered the world of Kindle – and yes, it is less expensive than the ebook that is sold through this site to individual readers.

Now camp staff can download a copy inexpensively and use it on their phones during camp to have daily devotions.  Some camps reimburse the 99 cent price to each staff member and have staff bring their phones to staff devotions to discuss together whichever devotions camp leaders choose to use from the book.  That will save camps lots of money that they used to put into buying paperback devotionals for their staff members.


Here’s the link to the book on Kindle:

John Comes To Camp gives you daily devotions for your camp staff all summer long!

John Comes To Camp gives you daily devotions for your camp staff all summer long!







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  1. camplady

    The camp staff devotional ebook is now being published on Kindle. http://bit.ly/dMaXD2

  2. devotionsonline

    I’m excited that my camp staff devotional is now published on Kindle. http://bit.ly/dMaXD2

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