Mar 27 2011

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Lay Down Your Life (or Game)

Did you ever wonder what Jesus meant in John 15:13 when He said that there is no greater love than when a person lays down his life for someone else?  We know that He literally laid down His life so that we could be forgiven for our sins.  He willingly gave up His life as He let people nail Him to the cross.  He gave all of His blood and His life so that we could have eternal life if we receive the sacrifice that He gave to pay for our sins.

Sometimes there are instances when people literally give up their own lives to save someone.  For instance, a mother might jump in front of an oncoming car to push her child out of the way to safety and die.  Or a soldier might give his or her life in a war to defend freedom.  But most of us do not experience circumstances in which we would need to lose our lives to save someone else.  So do we assume that we cannot ever show or experience this “no greater love” that Jesus talked about.

Watch this video and see how great love was shown as some softball players laid down their game for a player named Sarah Tucholsky.



I think that laying down our lives has a lot to do with laying down the things we want and sacrificing them for the good of others. Think about if you had been on the team playing against Sarah’s team. When she fell and couldn’t run the bases, would you be groaning or cheering inside? It’s amazing that the young women who carried Sarah put aside their desire to win the game in order to give her the honor of completing her home run. I don’t know if they were followers of Jesus or not, but they certainly are an example of putting aside personal gain in order to help someone else.

Let’s ask God to help us put aside our own desires, convenience, and triumphs to serve others around us. He can fill us with the “no greater love” that comes from Him alone.


What do you think?  Did your athletic ability come from monkeys?  Click here for more info.

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