Apr 08 2011

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Launch Out Into the Deep


Launch out into the deep. Luke 5:4

by Karen Roberts

The crowd was pressing in on Jesus as He spoke to them by the Lake of Gennesaret. They wanted to hear Him speak, and perhaps many of them had heard how he had been healing all kinds of diseases and setting people free from demons. He saw Simon Peter’s boat and asked him to let Him sit in it. They went out a little ways away from the land so that the crowds would not keep pushing against Him. And there He sat and taught them.

Then he turned to Simon Peter and said something that must have seemed strange, “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” Simon and the others had been out all night fishing and hadn’t caught anything. Now it was day time – and not the time for fishing successfully.

But Simon Peter had very recently seen Jesus heal his mother-in-law from a high fever. He had heard Jesus’ words of life and had seen Him heal others as well. Although he had not been with Jesus for long, he had enough trust to call Jesus “Master” and to agree to do as Jesus said. He and the other fishermen launched out into deep waters.  Sure enough, the fish swarmed into their nets – so many fish that their net started to break! They had to call for help from some other nearby fishermen who had another boat. There were so many fish that both boats were filled with fish to the point where they started to sink.

Everyone was astonished. Jesus had revealed something that will help us if we trust Him. When He calls us to launch out into something new that might be a bit scary or uncomfortable, He will provide for us abundantly as we step out in faith and obey Him.   He was calling Simon Peter and others to leave behind their fishing business to follow Him. They saw His abundant provision through this miracle of multitudes of fish, and that helped them to trust Him for provision for themselves and their families as they left to “catch men” instead of to catch fish.

Is Jesus calling you to launch out into the deep? Maybe He is leading you to step out of your comfort zone. to move. or to start a business. or to take a new job. or to build new friendships. Maybe He is leading you to further your education or to step into new ministry. Or perhaps it’s a simple call to go deeper with Him in your spiritual life. Don’t be afraid. Trust Him! The One who can multiply fish can meet your every need.



Beth Moore’s book may help you to launch out and get away from your insecurity.

So Long, Insecurity: You’ve Been a Bad Friend to Us


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