Jul 29 2011

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Does God Have Wings?

Does God Have Wings?

Under His Wings

Under His Wings

When the Bible talks about God’s wings, does it really mean that He has wings, or is it a metaphor? When we read these Scriptures, we need to figure out whether they are giving an actual description of God or whether they are revealing an aspect of God’s character through a word picture. Let’s look to see what the Bible says about God having wings.

God’s Wings in Ruth

When Boaz heard about how Ruth had left her home in Moab in order to care for her widowed mother-in-law and to follow the true God, he said, “The Lord repay your work, and a full reward be given to you by the Lord God of Israel, under whose wings you have come for refuge.” He was acknowledging that Ruth found protection from God and was stating that God would bless her for how she was serving Naomi.

God’s Wings in Psalms

The Psalms that David wrote have several references to God’s wings. In Ps. 17:6-8 says that God saves those who trust in Him from those who rise up against them. He is expressing his trust in God as he says, “Keep me as the apple of Your eye; Hide me under the shadow of Your wings.” This also shows God as the One who protects.

David knew the reality that it takes trust to stay under God’s protection. For years King Saul and his army were out looking for him, wanting to kill him. When he fought in battles against God’s enemies, he had to rely on God. Later in life he had to flee when his own son tried to kill him.

To trust, we have to know who God is and believe that He is bigger than any threats that come against us.

In Ps.36:7-9 David says that we put our trust under the shadow of God’s wings. And he goes on to tell the satisfaction and pleasure that we get from being in that place of trust. In Ps. 57:1 he again talks about trust in connection with being safe in the shadow of God’s wings. In Ps.63:7 he tells how he rejoices in the shadow of God’s wings because God has helped him.

An Experience of God’s Protection

When we recognize the help and protection that God has given us, we do rejoice. I had an experience this week of seeing His protection. I was driving between two towns right after a rain storm. Along the way I realized that I was going a couple of miles per hour slower than I usually do along that stretch, and I sped up. Soon afterward, a pick-up truck pulled out onto the opposite side of the road. When we have very hot, dry weather, as we have had lately, rain can bring the oils in the pavement to the surface. As the truck pulled out, it went into a spin on the road. It spun around 3 times before the driver could pull over. I was far enough back to stop my car when I saw the truck go into the spin. If I had gone at my usual speed, I might have been right at the point where he would have spun into me. Believe me, I was rejoicing in the Lord as I went on down the road!

God’s Feathered Wings?

In both Psalm 91:4 and Matthew 23:27, we see the idea of God wanting to gather us under the feathers of His wings to protect us, just like a mother hen does. I have heard stories of the prairie after a fire has rushed through. People have found dead hens whose burnt bodies and wings were covering chicks which were alive and survived the fire. The mother hen’s natural instincts to protect her chicks reveals the desire that God has to protect His children.

So Does God Have Wings?

It seems to me that these Scriptures are not talking about God having literal wings. Instead, they create a picture which helps us to understand how much God loves us. Our part is to trust Him. His part is to protect us. When we know Him personally, our trust in Him grows as we study His Word, spend time with Him, worship Him, and recognize the many times that He works in our lives.

What do you think?  Leave your comments.

Here’s a video of a hen covering her chick.



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  1. Shannon Ware

    The Love of God that you have described in this post is interesting. I started researching this question yesterday. I have come to the conclusion that the wings of God refers to the work of the Holy Spirit, especially as seen in Revelation 12:13. I found six references in Psalms all connected with protection, as well as Malachi 4:2 referring to healing.
    – Shannon

  2. Cassie

    I don’t believe GOD has wings,we don’t have wings we’re created in his image.

  3. Dustin

    healing in his wings???????.

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