Sep 05 2011

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Rest From Your Labor by Worshiping

It’s Labor Day evening.  Many of us have been resting from our normal labor today.  In these few final hours before we resume our normal work schedule, let’s enter into God’s holy Presence by worshiping along with those singing in these beautiful worship videos. 

Lean back and close your eyes if you want.  Relax and concentrate on Jesus and how wonderful He is. Or get up and dance to express your love to God. Worship in the way that brings you closer to Him.

There is nothing like worship to rejuvenate us and to prepare us for the work that lies ahead.  We need God’s inspiration and revelation to succeed in our lives and in our work, as well as to grow in our relationship with God.  So let’s enter into His rest together!



Natalie Grant

Natalie’s music will bless you and lift your spirit closer to God through worship.

Order Natalie’s CDs by clicking this button:

Search Music At FamilyChristian.com

Search Music At FamilyChristian.com

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  1. Malok Mading

    It is great hearing and reading such inspirational messages. Worshiping is good for our soul and it improve our relationship our creator!
    Thanks for sharing this!

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