Mar 24 2012

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Hello Readers,

I’m in the process of moving.  What a job!  Boxes are piled high and I’m discovering things that were tucked away that I had forgotten about.  I’m digging through papers to file and things to get rid of.  And I’m finding things that I didn’t know I had.

For instance a couple of weeks ago I wanted to make a recipe that called for molasses as an ingredient.  I thought I didn’t have any and changed my mind and made something else.  Today as I was emptying the cupboards, I found that I actually had two bottles of molasses.  They were way in the back of a cupboard, out of sight.

That reminds me of how sometimes we don’t know what is tucked way down inside our hearts until God brings it to light.  Maybe we’ve buried some old resentments and don’t even realize that some old unforgiveness is hidden away.  Then God shines His light inside us as we draw closer to Him and we discover what’s hidden.  As we uncover what’s buried and give it to Him, He sets us free from it!

Or maybe He’s planted within us the seeds of some spiritual gifts that He wants to develop in us so that we can minister more to others.  Ask Him what strengths He has hidden inside you and let Him develop them.

My husband and I are in for some big changes as we move.  We are looking forward to being back home – near many family members, including our precious grandchildren.  By faith I’m leaving a job with benefits, and I have peace that God will open the right doors for me.  The walk of faith is always an exciting adventure.

This website is changing a bit as well.  I’ve given it a new background theme for a new look.  Little by little I’m going through old posts and putting larger, more colorful links to some new books and music and removing the old links.  I just added an ad on the side for some cool Christian T-shirts.  And at the bottom of the blog you’ll find links to topics covered throughout the blog and an awesome supplier of Christian books and music.

Change is often a good thing.   I hope you enjoy the changes!

Once we are settled in, I hope to become a bit more regular in  updating the website as well.  And I’m working on a new ebook which I’ll talk about once it’s done.

Thanks for being a faithful reader of Daily-devotionals.com.  I appreciate it when you leave comments –  especially those which inspire and bless others who read them.

Many blessings,



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