Apr 21 2012

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Devotional Journaling

Journaling while you are having your personal devotions is interactive.  Did you ever read Scripture or a daily reading in your devotional book, only to realize that your mind had been wandering and you didn’t absorb any of it?  That happened to me this morning as I was reading some Scripture.

So I pulled out a devotional journal book that I haven’t looked at for awhile.  As I reread a section of the book and what I had written in the response area, it all came alive.  It stirred my mind and heart to think about how I would write today in response to the reading as compared to what I had written a couple years ago.  I was engaged in the Word.

Devotional journals are books with short devotional readings along with space for you to write your thoughts and reflections on what you have read.  Some of them have questions to contemplate.

Here is what the Lord showed me today through a devotional journal:

Luke 18:15-7 tells how some parents brought babies and little children to Jesus, wanting Him to bless them.  The disciples tried to shoo them away.  Maybe they were tired of the masses of people who came to Jesus so often.  Maybe it was the end of a long day.  Maybe they didn’t think children were important enough to deserve Jesus’ attention.  We can only guess at their reasons.

But Jesus called out to everyone there and made the point that they were not to forbid the kids from coming to Him.  He welcomed them.  We can imagine Him gathering these little ones into His arms, hugging them, holding them, and blessing them. I’m sure the kids were totally responsive to Jesus and could sense His love as He welcomed them to come near to Him.

Jesus told everyone that all of this was like the kingdom of God.  He said that we need to receive the kingdom of God in the same way that these little kids were responding to Him.

I especially enjoy seeing, hugging, and talking to my grandchildren.  I love them so much, but I know that my love is limited compared to God’s love for each of us.  I have to remember that God loves me and loves to spend time with me, even more than I love to spend time with them.

Jesus called for the children to come to Him.  He said the kingdom of God is connected to the faith of little ones.  My prayer is this, “Lord, give me the faith of a child to believe You and to freely come to you throughout the day today.  Help me to realize that You are continually welcoming me into Your Presence.  I want to respond to You just as those little children responded to You.”

Using a devotional journal helped to bring my focus back to the Word of God and helped me personalize it.  You can do devotional journaling through devotional journal books or by simply writing notes as you read Scriptures.  Either way, it helps you experience listening to God and applying what He is saying to your life.  Going back to read what you’ve written in the past often brings back the initial blessing of what He said to you and stimulates new thoughts about what He is saying to you today.  Try it!  You’ll like it!

Here are some Devotional Journals that you might want to try:

“God’s Promises Devotional Journal: 365 Days of Experiencing the Lord’s Blessings”

“A guided journal to lead you through the promises God has for every believer. >More than 20 of our leading Christian authors bring inspiration and encouragement every day of the year. Guided questions and commentary gently lead the way for personal meditation and reflection on God’s promises for your life. Journaling space is provided for recording your thoughts and prayers, and for promoting quality quiet time alone with the Lord.”

“The Frazzled Female: A Devotional Journal: 30 Days to Finding God’s Peace in Your Daily Chaos”

The Frazzled Female Devotional Journal “is a delightful reformat of the previous book based on one of today’s most popular Bible studies for women. Designed to guide every busy woman toward sanity, peace, and a deeper, more vibrant relationship with God, the content is now presented as a thirty-day reader divClc iided into six working-week sections. Lighter than the original hardcover edition, but reinforced to support the journaling component, the book’s special features include lay-flat binding, a ribbon marker, one-color designed interior pages, and three new devotions from Cindi Wood: Making God Priority, When I’m Angry, and Yoked with Jesus.”

Praying God's Word Devotional Journal - Beth Moore - Hardcover
Click the image.

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