Jul 22 2012

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It’s Time to Forgive

bad thoughts

What do I do when thoughts pop into my head about how people have hurt me in the past?

All of us have been hurt by what other people have done or said.  Some of our hurts are easy to put aside, while others are deeper and not easy to let go of.  Holding onto hurts and replaying them in our minds only hurts us.  The enemy of our souls would love to have us be so taken up in thinking about how people have hurt us that we become ineffective in our walk with God.

Many places in the Bible tell us that we must forgive.  Even the Lord’s prayer includes asking God to forgive us in the same way that we forgive others.  Of course, we are quick to want God to forgive us.  Therefore we should be quick to forgive.

It doesn’t seem easy to let go of thoughts about how we have been wronged.  Prayer is so important in this process.  We need to ask God to cleanse our minds from replaying hurts and to renew them.  In prayer we also need to speak out that we are forgiving individuals.  For instance, as we ask God to place forgiveness in us, we can speak out, “I forgive ____________ for ______________ing me.”  Fill in the blanks with the name of the person you need to forgive and whatever the wrong was.  Then pray a prayer of blessing for that person.

When thoughts of the past hurt try to return, speak out loud and say, “Go away in Jesus’ name.”  Those thoughts are not from within you.  Instead they are a subtle attempt by the enemy to plant those thoughts back in your head.  Reject and resist those thoughts.

Then turn your thoughts to Scriptures and to the One who has forgiven you.  Singing songs of praise and worship also is a great way to replace thoughts against someone with loving thoughts.  God has called us to walk in forgiveness.

Let’s take a few minutes today to search our hearts and ask God to reveal if there is any unforgiveness buried within us.  If he reveals it, take it to the cross and lay it down.  Let go of bitter feelings.  Don’t let thoughts of someone’s rejection of you fill your mind.  Let God fill you with forgiveness and His love today.

Ephesians 4:32  Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.  (NKJV)

Let the message of this song by Kevin Levar touch your spirit as you seek God today.



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