Aug 21 2012

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No Other Book Is Like the Bible

Read the Bible

A best seller that never gets old, no matter how often you read it!

 There simply is no other book quite like the Bible.

Today we have books on virtually every subject imaginable. Any interested person can read about anything from diet strategies to ancient mythology to the findings of medical research.

When these books are placed alongside the Bible, the contrast is indeed very obvious!

Consider the following:

1. It was written over a 1,500 year time span.

2, It was written by about 40 different human authors.

3, It was written in three different languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek).

4, It was written under varying conditions such as war and peace, prosperity and famine,revival and spiritual upheaval.

5. It has been translated into over 1,300 languages.

6. Nobody knows for sure how many copies are sold each year, but a simple internet search reveals an estimate of 100,000,000 annually.

7. It has endured brutal attacks for thousands of years.

8. It deals with vastly different subjects such as history, geography, science, salvation, theology, and practical living.

9. It is the basis for thousands of hymns, poems, and printed sermons.

10. It has comforted, convicted, and inspired more people than any book in human history.

11, The manuscripts of the Old and New Testaments have been miraculously and meticulously preserved.

12. It very clearly claims to be God’s Word.

13. It gives God’s point of view from eternity past to eternity future,

14. It is generally easy to understand but also contains elements that confound the world’s greatest scholars.

15. It contains no contradiction even though it was written by so many authors, at so many different times, and on so many subjects.

16. All this is contained in one book that we can easily hold in our hands.

There are some who question or ridicule the Bible, but they cannot deny these simple facts. To the believer, the reason these 16 statements are true is very simple: the Bible is indeed God’s Word, and only a fool would deny it!


These thoughts are taken from “Bible Translations: A Closer Look” by John

Rataczak. You can learn more by accessing his website: http://www.eleutherosbooks.com or emailing him at johnrataczak@yahoo.com

John Ratacak

John Rataczak


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