Nov 17 2012

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You Love Me Anyway

Sometimes we really blow it.  We may have let our relationship with God slide.  We may have gotten ourselves into a mess through a poor choice.  We might have chosen to sin even when we knew better.  Or we might have been taken over by emotions from past hurts and have let them take over our thinking.

All of us have failed, even after we have come to Jesus for forgiveness.  Sometimes we feel unworthy to come back to Him again because of how far we’ve fallen or slipped up. Well, it’s true – We are all unworthy.

Are you feeling like that? Guess what –  God still loves you and is longing for you to take that step back to Him. He paid the price for your sin, and He is worthy in your place.


This song on video by Sidewalk Prophets, “You Love Me Anyway,” says it straight up.  Listen and call out to Him.  Move back toward HIm and He will welcome you with open arms.







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