Feb 13 2013

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Never My Love





For Valentines Day, let’s enjoy a classic love song from the ’60s, “Never My Love” by the Association. Even though it’s a love song between a man and a woman, can you imagine Jesus extending His love to you, saying “Never my love” when you feel like He can’t love you.




In 1st Corinthians 13 we are told that three things will last forever: faith, hope, and love.  To experience God’s forever love, we must have a personal relationship with Jesus.

When we have that relationship, God calls it a “mystery.”  In Ephesians 5, where we are taught that marriage includes wives submitting to their husbands and husbands loving their wives with the same self sacrificing love that Christ showed, we are told that the man and his wife become one flesh. Amazing unity!  This is the kind of love in which leaving each other is not an option and is not desired.

Verse 32 calls this unity of marriage “a great mystery.”  The mystery is that this kind of marriage reflects the unity of Jesus Christ and His people.  His amazing love for us is often called in the New Testament a relationship of Jesus as the husband and His church (His followers, not a particular denomination) as His bride.

Jesus is offering a “marriage proposal” to each of us, saying, “Come be a part of my Bride. Be intimate with Me.”  He longs to have us be enraptured by His love, experiencing it every day.  If we question whether He will abandon us, He says, “Never, my love.”








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