May 12 2013

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Happy Mothers Day!

Mom is God's daughter

Mothers who know and love Jesus have an advantage over other moms.  They turn to Him for strength to get through the hurdles of life.  Moms who are bringing up kids know how difficult it is to juggle their daily tasks, the needs of their children and husbands, their schedules, and their needs for their own spiritual growth.  By taking time out with God each day, they can drink in the Presence of God and become refreshed and ready to face the next battle or draining duty.



Remember that you are a daughter of God.  Just as your child needs to snuggle with you, your spirit needs to lean on Him and receive rest.

What’s it like to be a mom who daily does a juggling act to keep everything going at home?


Here’s a hilarious look at motherhood.



It’s good for a mom to take time to laugh – even at herself. Here’s a video that will help you do it.



When you read Proverbs 31 you see that God acknowledges the busy life of a mom and mother.  I like the phrase in verse 25:  “She shall rejoice in time to come.”  In the middle of a hectic life, when the kids are sick, the car breaks down, and you have a child struggling in school, it’s hard to see how your input into your children will make a difference.  But if you stay faithful to God and to them, and bring them up in His ways, the day will come when you will see the fruit of your labor and you will rejoice!



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