Jun 16 2013

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The Lord’s Prayer – Teaching Children How To Use It

Lords prayerI’ve been teaching our kids in kids’ church about the Lord’s Prayer.  Since ours is not a church that usually includes this prayer in our services, it has been something new for the kids to learn about.  We’ve been learning how it is a model that Jesus gave us for prayer.  You might want to use these thoughts as you teach your children to pray. To make it simple, we have broken the prayer down into examples of how we might pray.

How We Can Pray Like Jesus Taught Us To Pray

Start your prayer with words of praise and worship to God.  An example is, “Lord, I worship You because you are so wonderful.”

Next pray for God’s will to be done in the situations of your life.  An example is, “God, help me to do your will when I am with my friends after school tomorrow.”

Then pray for your needs and the needs of others.  You could pray, “God help me to study the right things for the test I’m taking this week.”  Or “Father, help Missy’s family, because her dad just lost his job.”

Next pray for forgiveness.  Think of ways that you have not followed God’s will.  You might say, “Lord, forgive me for not helping my next door neighbor when she was trying to take out a heavy load of garbage yesterday.”


Also stop to forgive those who have hurt you.  For instance, “And Lord, I forgive Tommy for calling me a bad name.  Please help him to come to know You.”

Then pray for God to protect you from temptations and evil.  You might say, “Lord, help me not to yield to temptation when I don’t want to clean my room.  And keep me from making the wrong choices tomorrow.”


Then praise and worship God again.  “Oh God, You are mighty and powerful!”

By including these types of things in your prayer, you are following Jesus’ model for prayer.  Of course you are not limited to just these.  God loves to have you talk to Him about everything!

Here is a seven-year-old girl singing the Lord’s prayer.  She looks like she really means what she is singing and is worshiping God while she sings.



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