Jul 14 2013

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Share Jesus Around Your Campfire

Those who know me well know that I spent many summers working in Christian camp ministries.  Some of my fondest memories are of sharing Jesus with campers and seeing many come to Christ.  Some of this sharing happened around campfires.  There is something peaceful and special about gathering around a fire as the day grows dim and sharing from the heart about God and His Word.  Often there is more receptivity to the gospel in an atmosphere like that than there is in the midst of the crazy busy lifestyle we often lead.

Besides going to Christian camp when I was a kid, I grew up in a family who loved to camp.  Our vacations were camping vacations.  So it was with great interest that I received a message from a reader of this blog, Jeffrey C. Tanner.

On his website Jeffrey writes…

“It occurred to me that while many believers share my interest in camping, there’s not always a worship service available at the campground. When I’m given the opportunity to fill that void, it is my desire to host Campfire Devotions and to ask others to do the same on their travels.”

Therefore he has started a new ministry to promote Campfire Devotions.  Those who want to lead simple campfire devotions at their camp sites in whatever parks they happen to be camping in can put up a sign like this:


Jeffrey explains,

“Our idea is simple…

When visiting campgrounds, identify your campsite as a “Campfire Devotions Host” location, by placing our signage on site. Then invite others to join you for coffee, conversation and a time of fellowship. Ask all who participate, to host their own Campfire Devotions at future destinations. With your help, we can spread the flames of faith to campfires across America, all while enjoying God’s Creation.”

What an awesome idea!  Christians can share devotional thoughts with fellow campers.  Who knows how many people might come to know Christ through this simple method for opening conversations.  And it’s a great way for other Christians camping in the same area to discover each other and network together for fellowship, prayer, and sharing the Word of God.

You can read more about Jeffrey and this new ministry by visiting his website, Campfire Devotions.
Get acquainted with Jeff through this video of a radio interview.


Here’s a book of devotions that you can use with your family around the campfire.
The One Year Book of Family Devotions - Tyndale House Publishers - Paperback - Revised Ed.

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