Sep 27 2013

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What Do You Do in the Storm?

floodWe’ve been hearing a lot about storms and floods in the news.  Some areas of the world have gotten hit hard, with major destruction and loss of lives.  Even more so, we know of people who are going through their personal storms.  Their lives seem flooded with difficulties.

Every one of us goes through personal storms.  We may face illness, a loss of income, death of a loved one, a loss of a relationship, an accident, or some other incident in our lives that catches us off guard.  Things may have been going well, and then suddenly – there is was – a storm in our life.

The question is, “What do you do in the storm?”

Do you complain?  Do you stop trusting God?  Do you feel sorry for yourself?  Do you give up?


Do you ask God to take you through the storm?  Do you look for how you might grow personally through it?  Do you learn from it?  Do you pray more?  Do you search the Scriptures for strength? Do you pass the test?

And most of all, do you PRAISE God through it?  When we praise Him through the storm, we grow and He is able to mold our character to be more like Jesus.  We also see His mighty hand at work in the middle of the situation as we praise Him and look for how He will work everything together for good (as He promises in Romans 8:28).

The Song, “Praise You In This Storm” by Casting Crowns expresses it better than simply writing about it can.


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  1. Carolyn

    As hard as it gets sometimes, I still praise Him and pray that He will help me to make the right decision as I go through it. I want to learn so I can move on. Some storms happen because of the evil one. Thank God He is always with me…through it all. I love Casting Crowns and this song.

  2. barbara yearwood

    I thank god for this song this is great

  3. cheritnow@gmail.com

    Anointed and so real in truth, Praise God Always!

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