Mar 16 2014

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Spring Devotional: Jesus Chases Away the Rain

After a winter of bitterly cold weather and snowstorms, I’m eager to see spring finally arrive on the scene.  I know that spring often brings rain, and we may complain and wish for summer.  Then in the summer we’ll say we’re too hot and wish for cooler weather again.  We aren’t easily satisfied.

Let God's Sonshine drive away the rain clouds from your life.

Let God’s Sonshine drive away the rain clouds from your life.

When I was a kid we had an old saying, “April showers bring May flowers.”  In other words, even though we might be bummed out by a number of rainy days in a row, we knew that God’s watering of the earth was necessary for flowers, plants, and crops to grow.

Life is sort of like the cycles of the weather.  We have different seasons in life.  Sometimes things are going wonderfully, and sometimes things are tough.  That’s just normal.  But when things aren’t going so well, we know that the trials of life are meant by God to be times of growing closer to Him and experiencing His love more.  So those times of “rain” bring “flowers” in the form of experiencing God more and seeing His power at work in answer to our prayers.

By turning things over to Jesus day by day, we can experience Him turning the rainclouds in our lives into rainbows of joy.  But we must trust Him to experience that.  When we can praise and thank Him in the middle of one of life’s rainstorms, He comes with his “Sonshine” and drives the clouds of sadness away.

When I was a young adult, one of my favorite musicians was Danny Taylor.  He has gone on to be with the Lord now.  I’m sure he’s singing away with praises there that are even greater than the ones he sang here. One of the songs he sang was about how God chases away the rain from our lives.


Matthew 13:43 explains that after the time when God “weeds” the garden of His creation, removing those who do not follow Jesus, there is a special destiny for those who live for Jesus.  “Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father.”  In that day we won’t need God to drive any more rainy times from our lives.  We will show His brightness and glory all of the time.  While we wait for that time, He wants us to shine for Him, touching the lives of the people around us and bringing others to know Him so that they can experience His shining in their lives too.

If you do not know how to become a follower of Jesus, be sure to read our “How to Know God” page.

If you do know Jesus, why not leave a brief story in the comments below to tell how He has driven rainy days from your life and has filled you with His Sonshine?

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  1. shelly Zeigler

    God, took care of me during car accident on feb,third this year. I was rear edned and I had hurinaed disk , lower and upper back , whip lash and hirt wrist. I could barely get dressed. God, sent me special people to help me. God gave me many blessings. I trusted God and waited on him. I took no pills except one ibprophen . I got ride to church which was 20 mins away. I dint have a car for two and a half months. On Mach 8, God gave me directions after alot of prayer and seeking him. He told me what to do after power and love confrence. I wrote it down and put it in my bible. I went home and did what he said. I got up on march 9th God had totally healed me. So this taught me to wait and trust the LORD, his time is perfect. blessings , I encourage you not to let ant circirmstance or situation to keep you from the destiny and purpose God has for you.

    1. karenrob

      Shelly, that’s an awesome testimony! Thanks so much for sharing it!

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