Jul 26 2014

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Having Devotions With Your Sermon Notes

A great way to spend some time with God is to pull out the notes you took in church and read over them, praying that the Lord will give you further insights.  If you made note of Scriptures that the pastor mentioned, you can look them up and think about them as you make your way through the notes.  The Lord may give you insights that the pastor didn’t mention.  if so, write them down in your devotional journal.  You might even want to share your thoughts with your family or others from your church and see what insights they have concerning the sermon and Scriptures.        sermon notes

One problem you might have is one that I’ve had myself.  I sometimes take notes on scraps of paper or on church bulletins.  These end up in an unorganized pile and eventually get thrown away.  Also I’ve used regular notebooks, which also get used for other things.  So my sermon notes haven’t always been in an organized place where i can find them.  For this reason I recently designed two notebooks specifically for taking sermon notes.  They are for sale on Amazon.

Each page has room for the date, speaker, place, and Bible references, so I can go back and easily find notes on something that was preached a few weeks or a month ago. .Now it’s easy to pull out my notes to contemplate what was preached or taught in the past.  Sometimes a sentence or phrase will jump out at me from my notes, and I’ll consider what it means in my life.  Often it’s my note on a Scripture reference that either gives me insight or inspires me to look it up and read it in context with the verses around it.l

If you don’t already take notes when you listen to your pastor or a Bible teacher, why not get a notebook and start now?  The notes you take in church can inspire you when your review them in your daily devotions.



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Video:  How To Take Sermon Notes

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