Jul 20 2014

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The Longest Psalm

One of my favorite psalms is the longest one – Psalm 119.  It is full of reminders of how important God’s Word is to us.  Take a look at the Psalm and see what jumps out at you.  Here are some thoughts that stand out to me.  The thoughts that come to you when your read these verses may be entirely different, for the Holy Spirit applies what we read in the Bible to what our spiritual needs are at the time we are reading.

Verses 1-2  We are blessed when we live our lives according to God’s Word and keep His commandments.

Verses 11 and 165  When we learn and treasure God’s Word, it keeps us from sinning.

Verse 18  We need God to open our spiritual eyes so that we recognize the wonderful things that are contained in His Word.  (That’s why it’s good to pray before you read the Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what He wants to show you in the Scriptures.)

Verses 25, 28, 88, and 107   We can ask God to revive us if we are feeling dry and burnt out and to strengthen us if we are feeling spiritually weak.

Verses 33 & 66  We have a need to be taught by the Lord.  No matter how long we have walked with the Lord or read the Bible, there is more personal revelation needed from Him.

Verse 45  Seeking God’s will brings liberty.

Verse 50  God’s Word brings comfort.

Verses 72 and 127  God’s Word is more valuable that gold and silver.

Verses 47, 77, and 111   We can delight in God’s Word.Bible

Verses 142,151, and 160  God’s Word is true.

Verses 89 and 152  God’s Word is settled and lasts forever.

Verse 103   God’s Word is sweet!

Verse 105  He leads us through His Word.

Verse 114  As we put our hope in God’s Word, He defends us.

Verse 130   We get guidance and understanding from His Word.

For your devotional time today, make your own list.  Taking notes of what God shows you helps keep your mind from wandering.  And it gives you something to come back to later. You might want to use a special notebook just for your notes of how God speaks to you during your daily devotions.



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