Nov 23 2014

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Experience the Joy of Christmas!

christmas-messThere is a certain element of joy in Christmas even for those who don’t follow Christ.  But it is short lasting.  It may be from the presents, a party, or a Christmas dinner, but when it’s over and done, there is an emptiness.  Often there is loneliness as well.

But for those who have become followers of Jesus Christ and have invited Him to take over their lives, there is joy to be found long after the gift wrappings are thrown away, the gifts put aside, the dinner is digested, and the house empties of guests.

With Jesus living in your heart, you are never alone.  The presence of His Spirit living inside you creates joy that is hard to explain to someone who is without the Holy Spirit.  You see, Jesus is a gift who goes on and on, revealing more of Himself as we seek Him.  In spite of the tough circumstances of life, we see Him bless us again and again, providing all we need to get through the trials.

So celebrate Christmas merrily!  Show others His love.  Give so that others can be blessed.  Enjoy the company of friends and family.  Laugh! Sing heartily!

Take some moments to sit in the dark and enjoy the glimmering lights on the Christmas tree and the burning candles.  Contemplate the special gift of eternal life that you received when you invited Jesus into your life and accepted His forgiveness.  Put on some glorious Christmas music in whatever style you enjoy and sing, praise, and dance!

Jesus enjoys it when we go all out to celebrate His birth!  For without His birth, He could not have given His life on the cross nor raised from the dead so that we could be set free from our sins.

Have a wonderful, blessed, and merry Christmas!


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toy nativity set

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