Nov 09 2014

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How Can I Change?

November is a season of change.  Autumn is fading away.  The leaves that so beautifully changed tp brilliant colors a few weeks ago are now being raked from the ground.

seasons-change.jpgThe weather is getting chilly.  Here in western NY we’ve seen some snow flurries blowing in the wind, although they have not stuck to the ground yet.  The temperatures go up and down, but certainly are on an overall downward trend.

Soon we’ll be sitting down to our Thanksgiving dinners and thanking God for His incredible blessings.  Perhaps as we look back over the past year we have seen some changes in our lives.  Some might have been good changes and some not so good.  But one thing that all of us who follow Jesus want is to be changed by Him to be more and more like Him.  It’s a tall order.  Some of what’s inside of us needs a lot more work before we’ll really see that kind of change.  Maybe we are asking ourselves, “How can I change?”

One of our writer contributors to this blog is Peter J. Foster from the United Kingdom.  He recently shared this interesting article on his blog, and he has given me permission to share it with you.  I think his thoughts will help to answer that cry from our hearts when we know that we need a change deep down inside.

The Gospel of Change

by Peter J. Foster

As a Christian you are being changed from the inside to the outside. This transformation began at Salvation, and now you are a new creation;  you can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens you. (Phil 4:13)

But, exactly how do you do ‘all things’ when nothing seems to have changed at all?

Yes, Jesus now lives on the inside of you, and you know for sure you are ‘Born Again.’  And yet, you still feel exactly the same. The reality is that you may be dealing with inner hurts,  fears, and fleshly sins from years of living in the World!  (Certainly was in my case!)  In which case, join the club!  We all go through ‘fleshly’ living during our sanctification process. The worst thing you can do though is to try fighting against the flesh as a means of changing the old ways.

Yes, you may be able to alter your thoughts, behavior, and attitudes a little so as to function slightly better in relationships etc.,.. But you won’t have changed fundamentally until you become as ‘Christ Jesus!’  Which begets the question: Then how do we become as Christ Jesus?

The answer is, it is a complete and absolute miracle!  If it were not so, you would never become like Christ Jesus – After all, He is God.  The transformation happens from the inside to the outside.

This is how I see it: God has given me a measure of faith – just a little seed-sized faith which frankly, wouldn’t change anything in its own power. But when I invest my little seed of faith in the enormity of Jesus’ huge faith, then ‘KAPOW!’  That’s when the real action takes place. I’m becoming like Jesus without the self effort!  The reality is that it is no longer I that lives, but Jesus Christ that lives in me, and the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith IN HIM – JESUS! (Gal 2:20)

And as I meditate on God’s Word and choose to believe His opinion of me, so I am becoming more and more like Jesus.  But it is not by my strength nor by power, but by His Spirit that lives in me, conforming me to His image.  It is Jesus in me that makes the difference, BUT only when I choose to invest my tiny seed-sized faith in to the enormity of His Wonderful Faith.  In other words: my faith is now based upon the faith of Jesus and Him alone.

You may like to read out loud a list of ‘Kingdom Positional Statements’ related to your new place In Christ.  You could call them “The Keys to the Kingdom.” The Key to your Future Blessings:

I am strong in Your strength.
I am blessed in You in Your Blessedness.
I am happy in Your joyfulness.
I am healthy in Your health.
I am prosperous in Your prosperity.
I am loved in Your love.
I am accepted in Your acceptance.
I am strong in Your strength.
I am holy in Your Holiness.
I am in faith in Your great faith.
I am alive in Your wonderful life.
I am creative in Your creativity.


Peter J. Foster is a Life Coach who can help you find ways to change through the power of Jesus Christ.  Visit his blog and contact him for details.


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