Dec 19 2014

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When I Think of Christmas

Have you ever run into people who tell you that it’s wrong to have a Christmas tree or who criticize some other aspect of your Christmas celebration?

A new Christmas picture book for kids has been released in ebook form, and it tells the story of a boy who was wondering about whether it is wrong to do all the fun things we do at Christmas. Following the advice of his great grandmother, he asks God to show Him something special about the things that he thinks of when he thinks of Christmas.

Here are a few samples of what he discovers.


When I Think Of Christmas, I Think Of…


When I see beautiful shiny ornaments,
I think about how we should shine for Jesus
so that we can help others come to know Him too.


When I think of Jolly Old Saint Nicholas,
I think of presents.
And when I think of presents,
I remember that Jesus is the greatest gift of all!


When I think about Christmas music,
I start singing songs about Jesus’ birth.
I love to go Christmas caroling
and to sing carols at church too!

You can order this book for your kids on Amazon. It can be used for family devotions or as a before bedtime story book. After you read it, ask your kids what they think of when they think of Christmas.’

If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download a free Kindle Reader or Kindle app at the Amazon website and read the book that way.

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