Jan 21 2015

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Got the January Blahs?

winter-tree.jpgThe holiday season is over. The hustle and bustle of December has ceased. The winter evenings are still dark, but there are no more bright lights decorating homes along the street and no more Christmas music is playing. The cold has settled in and bright sunshine isn’t seen often, especially in the northern states. How are you feeling?

Peter J. Foster shares his thoughts with us.  PeterJFoster



Don’t Give Up. Look Up!

The enemy of our soul will do all he can to discourage us Believers at this time. He will try lull us into disappointment now that the ‘Sales’ are over, the parties are long gone, and the cold, dark nights kick in!

So what was all the joy and merriment about? For us Christian believers, it was about God sending His only begotten Son, Jesus the Christ, into this World that He might destroy the works of the Devil! (1 John 3:8)

This is the the truth we Christians can celebrate every day of our lives. Satan is defeated and Jesus is Lord!

It is the truth that makes us free…

the peace that passes understanding…

It is the joy that is our strength…

the blessing of the Lord that makes rich and adds no sorry with it.

And in His Name, by faith in His Name, the heavy clouds of Winter are dispersed and the light of His countenance shines brightly in our hearts.

Are you ready to fulfill all the Lord has called you to do this year?

Read more of Peter’s inspirational blog posts at http://christianlifecoach-peterjfoster.org/


When we grasp the reality of what Peter is saying, we don’t have to suffer the blahs.  We have much to be thankful for.

If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, start the year right by turning your life over to Him.  Let His light shine in and through you for the rest of your life.  Not sure how to start?  Read our page How To Know God.


Faith Food : Daily Devotions for Winter

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