Feb 20 2015

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Bringing Your Children to Christ

Raising a child in the world today presents a variety of challenges and obstacles that make life challenging for Christian parents. One of those challenges is passing on your faith to your children. Their lives may be consumed with video games, youth sports, and the peer pressures that comes with going to school. But it is possible to reach them for Christ.














One of the greatest ways parents can guide a child into a relationship with Jesus Christ is to live a godly life that they can see. Godly living captures the curiosity of children and makes them eager to learn more about God. Through your example you will encourage them to read the Bible and attend church.

The good news is that there are things parents can do to raise godly children. You can share your faith with them in ways that are engaging and beneficial to the family as a whole.

Part of sharing your faith with your children means reading the Bible with them in a way that makes the stories come alive. By finding an age-appropriate Bible, you can create family fun times while helping mold your child’s Christian values. Make family devotions and Bible reading an important part of your weekly schedule. Don’t let watching a movie or visiting the local pizza shop replace that time. You have to be intentional to have a schedule of family devotions. You’ll be amazed at the transformation a little quality, godly, family time can inspire.

Sharing your faith doesn’t have to be so difficult. Start by living it in your own life so your kids can observe your example. Show them the value you place on a relationship with God by finding ways to be a true blessing in all aspects of your daily life. Kids learn best by example.

BiblicaDirect offers a variety of children’s Bibles that can bring biblical adventures to life in a way that is entertaining and easy to comprehend. If you aspire to introduce children to the story of Jesus by providing easy to read scriptures, you can find a Bible designed to educate and inspire kids. To take a look at Preschool and Elementary – My First Bible, The Beginner’s Bible and More – Click Here


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