Apr 02 2015

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The Day Death Went Into Its Grave

Crucifixion.jpgNo one could control death.  Sometimes it came slowly, but other times it caught people by surprise.  Death would strike.  That was it.  People had no assurance that the victims that death took away would have life beyond the grave.  Death brought hopelessness.

But one day the Savior willingly died on a cross.  He was without sin, but was willing to take the punishment that every person deserves for his sin.  It appeared that the enemy – the one who brought hopeless death had won.  Jesus said, “It is finished.”  His spirit left his body.  His followers mourned.  They took His body from the cross, cleaned and wrapped it, and put it in a rich man’s grave.  Hopelessness set in.

But Jesus had promised He would come back to life.  His followers had not accepted that He would have to die, and therefore were taken by surprise and were not looking for it.  It seemed like a Friday of Darkness instead of what we now call Good Friday.

Little did they know.  Jesus’ death on the cross had actually defeated the enemy and the death that he brings.  His spirit was descending into Paradise to lead to Heaven those who had died loving God.  He was preparing to come back to reveal His victory over the grave.

On Sunday morning the ground shook.  The stone in front of His tomb rolled back.  Brilliant light flashed and angels came to witness the grand occasion.  The soldiers guarding the tomb were so terrified that they fainted.  Jesus was alive!  Death was defeated!  That was the day that death went into its own grave.

Jesus cleared the way for those who love and follow Him to live eternally.  Yes, physical bodies still die.  But those who have received Jesus Christ as their own Lord and Savior and have asked His forgiveness for sin are now set free from eternal death and punishment and given new life.  Believers are made brand new from the inside out.  That new life begins the instant they commit their lives to Jesus Christ.

Watch this intriguing video called “Death In His Grave” and think deeply about how Jesus overcame death itself through His own death and resurrection.


1 Corinthians 15:55   O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

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