Sep 03 2015

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She Expected to Find Treasure

“Digging for Treasure”


1441299152829_beach-glass.jpgWhile on vacation at a cottage by a Lake Ontario beach, I spent a lot of time sitting on a deck overlooking the lake. Just below and in front of the deck is a narrow stony beach. Occasional people stroll by or play in the water at an adjoining remote public beach area.

On our first evening I observed a young teenage girl at the edge of the water near the deck. She was very friendly and was talking to a woman and her granddaughter. I noticed that she kept sifting with her hands through sand and pebbles at the water’s edge. Although at times she splashed in the water and swam close to the shore, she always came back to sifting through sandy pebbles.

A little later I heard her in conversation with an elderly man who had brought a folding chair and sat with his feet in the water and his pant legs rolled up. She splashed in the water and chatted with him. Then she showed him a soda bottle that was partially full of something and told him that she was looking for “beach glass.” I overheard her say that she sells the little pieces of colored glass that have been smoothed by the waves washing ashore.

The next day I learned that her name is Alisia and that she was visiting her grandmother who lives near the beach. In the summer she spends a lot of time with her. She said hello to me also and asked a few questions about my visit to the beach. After that it was like she considered me to be her friend. On and off throughout the day I saw her, and she spent some time sifting sand, swimming, and chatting with me and others.

When I asked Alisia about her glass collecting, she showed me several containers that she had in her little wagon that she pulled along the shore.  They were all for collecting bits of glass. She said that she mainly sells the glass pieces to a little shop that is seasonally open in the village. But she also fills small bottles with glass bits and pebbles and sells them directly to people who want them.

Over the course of our three day stay, Alisia was frequently at the beach, alternately looking for glass and swimming…and of course, talking to people. She and I had several conversations about her family, her dogs, her cat, her rabbit, and her search for beach glass.

What I noticed about Alisia was that she was diligent in her digging for her treasures on the beach. But she also took time out to splash around in the water and to chat with everyone she met. She was balanced. She didn’t let her “work” overtake the pleasures of life… Something for us adults to think about!

Alisia knew that there were treasures to be found in the sand, pebbles, and stones at the edge of the lake. She went from spot to spot, using her fingers to sift and pull out the tiny pieces of beach glass. They were not visible until she dug for them.

I’m reminded that when reading the Bible, I can dig through to find the treasure that God has for me today. At first glance I may not see it – but it is there! God has a special treasure hidden in his Word for me each day.

Alisia didn’t have to look long and hard to find a piece of smooth colored glass. She found at least one every minute. I don’t need to look long and hard either. When I come to God with an open heart and read His Word, expecting Him to speak to me, He does! Every day He has at least one treasure in His Word to reveal to each one of us.

Alisia came to the beach expecting to fill her containers with beach glass. She just dug in, and she found multiple colors. I want to be that way with God’s Word!


Matthew 13:44  The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure that someone hid in a field, and then another person found it and covered it up. Full of joy, that person sold everything and bought that field.


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