Oct 04 2015

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Second Thoughts

Did you ever notice how you see or read something and have a first impression – But then as you think about it, you have second thoughts?  The second thoughts may even contradict or expand upon the first thoughts.  This is especially true if we are always listening for God to reveal what He wants to reveal to us.  He often sends along these new deeper thoughts to broaden our understanding or to help us look at something in an entirely different way.

David Roberts shares some first thoughts that led to…

Second Thoughts


One day I was driving down a city street when I saw a detour sign. I turned right and then left to follow the new route. As I drove past the street I had been on, I saw a the rubble of a torn down church building filling both lanes, effectively preventing further travel. Broken pieces of cement blocks littered the road and blocked access to where I had intended to go. A small bulldozer was pushing away fallen debris where parishioners used to walk.

I glanced up to the remaining roof and read the name of this old church: “Christ Memorial Church.” At first I tried to visualize the ancient meeting of the people who decided on this name. Was it a meeting of all the members, a committee elected by the congregation, or the pastor and the elders, or the pastor alone? No matter who it was, I thought I understood the high honor behind this choice. Who more than our Lord deserves an honor like this?

Those who started the church wanted to form this memorial in stone for generations to see and perhaps to reflect on or even join in on this noble monument to Christ.

Then I had another thought. We’ve all seen buildings dedicated to special people—some who were rich and donated money towards the original construction, some who had contributed in other ways, and some who had died. The custom for this last category is to use the word, “memorial,” Herein lies the problem. True, Christ died on the Cross, but there is a major difference between His death and everyone else who is dead. He rose again, ministered for forty days and then ascended into heaven. They are still dead, He is not.  So this church was a memorial in a whole different sense than those made to honor people who have died.

A church we used to attend was named Calvary, followed by the denomination’s name. Again, I understand the sentiments in this little hand written sign I saw on a table in the church library. From the source of the borrowed quotation, the writer must have wanted to remind the reader of President Kennedy. It read, “Ask not what Calvary can do for you, ask what you can do for Calvary”

Now, you fill in your second thoughts, and share them in the comments below.



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  1. karenrob

    My second thought is that we have nothing to offer Calvary. Everything was done for us there. Yet out of love for Jesus and what He has done, we offer ourselves to Him.

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