Jan 03 2016

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Do You Feel Trapped?

feeling-trapped.jpgIs God Trapping You?


I once had a full-time year-round job in Christian camp ministry.  I loved it, even though during certain times of retreats and summer camp sessions I had to work 70 or more hours per week. After almost three years, I was promoted to oversee all camp programs, even though I had not been seeking that position.

But soon after the promotion, a new camp director was hired.  I won’t go into all the details, but because I was trying to give a couple other staff members the opportunity to take responsibility, he assumed that I had not met my responsibilities.  Without asking me about my decisions or how I was handling things, he fired me within a month of his taking over.  I was in shock, for there had been no hint that he was displeased with how I was doing my job.

I felt wronged, and I felt trapped.  I had moved into that area to be more available to my elderly parents, although they were still about two hours away from the camp.  My husband and I owned a home many miles away, but going back there would mean being many more hours away from them.  I needed to find a job and a place to live, for our housing had been provided at the camp.  It looked like an impossible situation.  But the trap I was in was really from God.  I just didn’t know it yet.  I sensed His peace though and trusted Him.

A job opened up near where my parents lived, and we found an apartment we could afford within five minutes of their retirement home.  Until we moved there and saw them frequently, we had no idea how severe their health problems were becoming.  Within four months of moving there, my dad passed away and my mom was moved into assisted living.  Over the course of three more years, her health continued to decline.  I was blessed to be able to visit her almost every day through that most difficult time in her life.  Once she passed away, we prepared to move back to the area we originally had come from.   We did that by faith, for I had to quit my job to make the move.  God awesomely provided another job – exactly the one I wanted.

God had us in a trap because He had a better calling for us for that time of our lives.  Although I felt loss over no longer having a job in full time ministry, God provided experiences that helped me prepare for my current position and several ministry opportunities right where we were.

Sometimes when the circumstances of life turn difficult, we can feel trapped.  Perhaps we made a decision  (such as whom we married, what we studied or didn’t study in college, how we spent our money or borrowed) that has led to situations where we feel that nothing will change and that we can’t get past our problems.

Sometimes feeling trapped is a result of our own choices, and sometimes it’s because Satan laid a trap for us and we fell into it.  Sometimes God Himself sets the trap because He wants to show us how faithful He is as we trust Him.  Regardless of how we ended up feeling trapped, God is working through that situation and can work miracles so that the trap turns out to be for our own good and for the good of His Kingdom.

We must latch on to His promises, pray, and look for the miracles that He will perform in our behalf.

Think about the Israelites who had left Egypt, led by Moses.  In Exodus 14 we see God telling Moses:  “Tell the Israelites to turn back and camp in front of Pi Hahiroth, between Migdol and the Red Sea, near Baal Zephon.  Pharoah will think that my people are wandering around and are closed in by the desert.” 

Actually God told Moses to lead the people right into a place where they were trapped.  There was no place of escape.   As Pharoah’s army came against them, the door to the trap opened.  The waters of the Red Sea opened and they escaped.  God was glorified through revealing to His people His mighty power to save them.

God may trap you in a situation to show His glory.  I have seen Him lead me out of traps many times in my life.  That has led me to praise Him for His mighty power at work in my life.  And it has given me opportunities to share with others how good God is!

Feeling trapped?  Pray and trust.  God may have allowed you into a trap, but He will take you out as well!



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