Mar 13 2016

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Swiftly Changing Lane Changes

My friend Grace Payton is a retired Salvation Army officer.  She sends me and other friends a Sunday morning email which often helps us to make spiritual applications to common things in life.  I obtained her permission to share the following as a devotion, for I think it applies to all of us.

Have you ever had something pop up unexpectedly in life that changes the whole direction of how things are going for you?  I have!  When this happens, our faith and trust in the Lord are put to the test.  Will we keep trusting and let Him fill us with His peace?  Of do we let our emotions take off and take us away from the inner rest that He offers no matter what we are going through?  Let’s get ready by feeding our spirit with a daily devotional time with God!

Quick Lane Changes

by Grace Payton

We have been doing a lot of driving the past couple of weeks on the interstate! (not my favorite thing!)  One of the most crucial  rules are being aware of lane changing and lane changes!..All of a sudden your lane is taken away, or all of a sudden your lane is an exit only lane…or, all of a sudden your destination route is a couple of lanes over…and this is always in traffic…fast traffic!

AND some of the directions for lane change are not on signs, but on marks on the roadway!  So, to get to St. Petersburg or Clearwater or to the Tampa airport from our town of Bradenton, you better be aware, looking up and looking down and looking around, and also observe the speed limit!  (I also include prayer in that!…)

So much like life at times…we can go sailing along…humming a tune…happily in a world of our own…and life’s direction throws us in another lane of traffic…and are we prepared?….or do we swerve and lose control?  Something to think about!

Major Grace Payton

Major Grace Payton, retired Salvation Army officer














Here is a video by T.D. Jakes that may help you deal with the unexpected things in life.


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