Jan 23 2017

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A Devotional Life

Photo by David Castillo Dominici

What is a Devotional Life?

by Karen S. Roberts




When some people hear the term “a devotional life,” they picture a monk or nun who is off in a monastery somewhere, devoting himself or herself to prayer almost constantly.  However, every day people who live and work in common situations can have a devotional life.  This is a life in communion with God.

Basically a devotional life is one in which we spend time with God every day.  This can be through worship, singing praises, prayer, Bible reading, meditating on a section of God’s Word, and spending quiet time listening for God to speak to us individually.

It takes time and effort to have a devotional life.  It might mean getting up early or drawing aside during the day or evening to get alone with God.  However it also can involve talking with God throughout the day and listening for directions from Him.  It involves yielding to Him to allow Him to work in our spirits.  It might also include singing along to praise and worship music and praying out loud as we are driving to or from work or other activities.  The idea is to set aside other things in order to commune with God.

When we do this, we see God working through us, answering prayer, opening doors of opportunity for us, warning us away from what could harm us, and using us to minister to others.

If you are looking for a book that might help you build a deeper devotional life than what you have, take a look at A Place of Quiet Rest: Finding Intimacy with God Through a Daily Devotional Life by Nancy Leigh DeMoss Wolgemuth.

Nancy is a highly respected teacher of the Word of God, especially involved in women’s ministry.  You may have heard her on the radio or have listened to her speak at a conference.  One thing that she teaches in her book is how having a quiet time with God helps to build our inner spiritual life with God. She advises prayer before reading the Bible, asking God to reveal the message that He wants to speak to you that day.  Her many practical applications of how to come into a place of resting in God will be helpful to you and will give you new insights.


A Place of Quiet Rest: Finding Intimacy with God Through a Daily Devotional Life


If you heard of the “Cry Out” conference, part of which was broadcast via satellite to many women’s gatherings for prayer in 2016, you may enjoy listening to what Nancy shared at that conference.




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  1. Andrea Marie Savoia

    What a wonderful message, very insightful and thought provoking. I need to draw closer to God again as I once was.. I want and need that relationship with Him again,. I miss it so much.. Thank you for sharing.
    God continue to Bless you as you Bless others.
    Much love.


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