Mar 12 2017

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Heart Check-up

Let’s give our hearts a check-up today and see if an adjustment is needed.


by Mae Jones

Several weeks ago, our son-in-law was here. He spoke in church Sunday morning, and the theme of his message has been stuck in my heart ever since. He spoke of the goal of believers everywhere to “STAND SIDE BY SIDE UNTIL WE SEE HIM FACE TO FACE.”

There is so much in that statement!  First of all, we, as believers, should be standing and working side by side. It breaks my heart that so many who call themselves by Christ’s wonderful name, fight and tear each other down. Why?

Unity is how we achieve our goals. Unity brings the Holy Spirit to empower us!  To accomplish all God has commanded us to do, we need to be standing side by side in unity.

The last part of the statement is “UNTIL WE SEE HIM FACE TO FACE.” If you are like me, often you get so bogged down in all your daily responsibilities and goals that you sometimes lose sight of the fact that those things are only steps in achieving our purpose. They are not the all-in-all of our days.

I Peter 2:11 in the Message version says, “This world is not your home.” But, we forget that. We work to make our lives here easy, prosperous, and enjoyable. We get pretty cozy here in this temporary place, don’t we?

But all that we see around us is going to pass away. That’s why Jesus reminds us to put our treasure in Heaven; Heaven! That wonderful place where we will see Him face to face! Are you looking forward to that day? Is that where your treasure is? Sometimes we need to make an adjustment in our thinking. We need to remind ourselves why we are here.


Mae Jones

Mae Jones lives in Denmark with her husband, Warren. They work in the local church, training up leaders. Her heart’s desire is to point the way for people to meet and totally fall in love with Jesus. She has two daughters. two wonderful sons-in-law, and six “perfect grandchildren.”


Note from the Editor:  Although our college years overlapped at Houghton College, I did not get to know Mae while attending there.  I wish I had!  In later years I discovered that she and her husband were missionaries to Denmark, supported by a church we attended when temporarily living in eastern PA.  Now we are Facebook friends.  When she shared the above thoughts on Facebook, I asked if I could share it here on daily-devotionals.com, for I believe that what she is saying is important for us to think about.


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  1. Douglas Miller

    Hi Karen it’s Doug Miller from Minnesota. It is true that we all need to stand together for our Lord and I would like to add a little something to that. we as believers also need to look out for those that tickle our ears so that we are not deceived by the words spoken in deceit. We are not to add to or to take away from the word of the Lord. to many preachers now days are tickling the ears of new Christians. It saddens my hear to know that this is happening. The word of the Lord is the truth and the truth will set us free. so many souls will be lost by these false teachers. I will not point at anyone but I am praying that we can all join together and we will learn the truth. For as the Lord Jesus Christ said Know the truth for the truth will set you free.

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