Dec 25 2017

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Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Have You Celebrated Jesus Today?

Isn’t it wonderful at this time of year to hear Christmas carols proclaiming the birth of Jesus?  And there are also Christmas cards and greetings on Facebook that mention the real reason for Christmas.  It’s the one time of year when people’s attention just might be grabbed by what they hear and see.  Wouldn’t it be great to see someone you know come to really know Jesus because of Christmas?

Many realize that Christmas is the time of celebrating Jesus’ birth.  However, unless the realization really sinks in, people go about their holiday celebrations without giving Him much thought.  We can pray for those who truly do not know our Lord and Savior to begin to really think about Him today, Christmas Day!

But what about us – the ones who really know Him personally.  I’m sure today we have been busy with gifts and special foods, and maybe some phone calls to loved ones far away.  Perhaps we’ve spent time yesterday or today with family or friends, just enjoying the time to be together.  But have we stopped long enough to truly acknowledge Jesus in the midst of it all?  If not, why not take a break right now.

Wish Jesus a Happy Birthday.  Talk about Him with someone.  Or post something on social media to acknowledge that you love and follow Him.  Use today to share your relationship with Him in some way, or even to help someone else realize that he or she can have a relationship with Him as well.

Today. on Jesus’ birthday, let’s thank and praise Him for coming to earth in order to show His love to us and to save us from our sins.  Let’s pass on His love to others as well.  Our joy goes beyond good food, good friends, family, and gifts.  Our joy comes from deep within when we have His Holy Spirit living in us.  Let His joy spill out to Him and to others through you today!


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