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Dec 25 2017

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Wish Jesus a Happy Birthday.  Talk about Him with someone.  Or post something on social media to acknowledge that you love and follow Him. 

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Nov 14 2017

Jesus Breaks Every Chain (Musical Devotion)

When we come to Christ, it is important to pray and to receive prayer from others that the chains in our lives will be broken.

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Nov 12 2017

I Have This Hope

We truly do have a hope that goes beyond natural hope.

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Oct 24 2017

To Every Thing There Is a Season

Our lives are made up of many seasons.  And they always don’t turn out the way we expected them to.

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Mar 25 2017

How Bibles Made It To the Moon

The prayer network was formed by an engineer at NASA who was a former missionary as well as a scientist, John Stout. He was a volunteer chaplain at NASA, and in getting to know the astronauts, discovered where they were spiritually.

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Mar 12 2017

Heart Check-up

Unity is how we achieve our goals. Unity brings the Holy Spirit to empower us! To accomplish all God has commanded us to do, we need to be standing side by side in unity.

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Jan 23 2017

A Devotional Life

Basically a devotional life is one in which we spend time with God every day. This can be through worship, singing praises, prayer, Bible reading, meditating on a section of God’s Word, and spending quiet time listening for God to speak to us individually.

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Jan 21 2017

Life Got You Down?

Mark Rutland, in his book Nevertheless, shows how the simple Word, “nevertheless” holds a key to victory in the difficulties of life. This short book contains some excellent devotions.

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Jul 21 2016

Replacing the Food Pyramid


There are always new changes in philosophies and research concerning nutrition and weight loss….But not so with our spiritual diet! The same recommended spiritual nutrients that worked 2000 years ago work now.

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May 14 2016

Down the Tunnel

Because of a curve at the bottom, he couldn’t see the end of the tunnel or me. But I called to him, letting him know I was there waiting for him. But then he said, “No tunnel.”

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