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How to Use a Camp Staff Devotional

Before you know it, summer camp season will be here. Camp directors and Program directors are hard at work during this season, planning activities and hiring camp staff. Christian camps have even more to prepare. They need to plan how to keep their camp staff growing spiritually throughout the summer. Many Christian camps use a camp staff devotional throughout the summer – using it to encourage staff to have a daily quiet time with God.

New Camp Staff Devotional: John Comes To Camp

John Comes To Camp

Camps that use staff devotionals often include some type of accountability system to keep staff members motivated to keep reading their devotionals throughout the summer. Often this is done by dividing staff members into small groups which meet daily or weekly. During small group time, staff members discuss what they are experiencing with God through their readings. Sometimes this can include group discussions of some of the questions asked in the daily devotional readings.

When I was a day camp director, I included prayer and discussion of the devotional reading of the day during our closing staff meeting each afternoon. This helped keep me on track with reading the devotional, as well as my staff members! We found these discussion times to be very uplifting. We learned from each other as we shared insights that God was showing us from his Word, which we could apply to our camp experience together. It was exciting to see how often we had testimonies of how God enabled us to help our campers because we were growing spiritually together.

I encourage camp directors to look beyond all the preparations of facilities, programs, and staff hiring, and give consideration to how you will help your staff grow in their relationship with God this summer.

I have developed a new downloadable staff devotional called “John Come To Camp,” for the upcoming camp staff season. Those who purchase it may make unlimited copies for use by their camp staff. You can get a sample of ten of the daily devotions in this devotional by filling out the form below. You will be emailed a URL to download it.

To purchase the devotional, visit the  “John Comes to Camp” order page.


You can now read “John Comes to Camp” with the Kindle app.

John Comes To Camp – only 99 cents

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