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Mar 24 2013

Palm Sunday Praise

On this day we commemorate how Jesus entered Jerusalem humbly riding on the colt of a donkey. The people didn’t understand. They thought he was entering as the one who would set Himself up as King and drive out the tyranny of the Roman rulers.

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Apr 26 2012

Do You Have a New Wineskin?

In my personal devotions this morning I was reading the three accounts in the gospels where Jesus talked about how you can’t put new wine into old wineskins. If you do, the new wine will cause the old wineskins to burst. New Creations = New Wineskins I’ve often thought about this as how the old …

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Sep 05 2011

Rest From Your Labor by Worshiping

Natalie Grant

Before we resume our normal work schedule, let’s enter into God’s holy Presence by worshiping along with those singing in these beautiful worship videos.

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Jun 27 2011

Jesus is Beautiful

When you know and love Jesus, you can’t help but to burst into song!  As you grow to understand who He is and how much He loves you, you gain ever increasing glimpses of His beauty.  Praises flow out of you, and sometimes you feel overwhelmed by His goodness to you.  Joy and peace fill …

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