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Jul 21 2016

Replacing the Food Pyramid


There are always new changes in philosophies and research concerning nutrition and weight loss….But not so with our spiritual diet! The same recommended spiritual nutrients that worked 2000 years ago work now.

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Sep 03 2015

She Expected to Find Treasure

Alisia knew that there were treasures to be found in the sand, pebbles, and stones at the edge of the lake. She went from spot to spot, using her fingers to sift and pull out the tiny pieces of beach glass. They were not visible until she dug for them.

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Jul 26 2014

Having Devotions With Your Sermon Notes

A great way to spend some time with God is to pull out the notes you took in church and read over them, praying that the Lord will give you further insights. A sermon notes notebook will help you keep track of your notes.

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Jul 20 2014

The Longest Psalm

One of my favorite psalms is the longest one – Psalm 119.  It is full of reminders of how important God’s Word is to us.  Take a look at the Psalm and see what jumps out at you.  Here are some thoughts that stand out to me.  The thoughts that come to you when your …

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Oct 30 2013

A Way to Read Scriptures

Many times, I read slowly until the Holy Spirit stops me by having a word or a phrase jump off the page. Then I take that word as my meditation for the day.

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Sep 08 2013

Women’s Devotional: A Woman in Love

They did good works for Him; they were patient; they dealt with false teachers who came to them with discernment; they persevered when things were tough; and they worked for Jesus without becoming weary. He recognized what they were doing right, but He said that he had something against them: They had left their first love,

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Jul 14 2013

Share Jesus Around Your Campfire

Those who know me well know that I spent many summers working in Christian camp ministries.  Some of my fondest memories are of sharing Jesus with campers and seeing many come to Christ.  Some of this sharing happened around campfires.  There is something peaceful and special about gathering around a fire as the day grows …

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Jun 21 2013

Sin Offering or Sin?

But Cain must have allowed his great anger to increase and overtake him as he stepped over the lamb provided for him and stormed away to find and kill Abel.

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Aug 21 2012

No Other Book Is Like the Bible

Read the Bible

When these books are placed alongside the Bible, the contrast is indeed very obvious!

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May 31 2012

What Does Mitchondrial DNA Have To Do With The Bible?

…when we see how science backs up the Bible, it causes us to have a renewed sense of awe when we are having our devotions.

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