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Apr 17 2014

Worship Along – Incredible Easter Song

This song adaptation by Kelley Mooney will move you to worship our wonderful Lord and Savior as you listen.  Not only is her voice amazing, but she sings with feeling that moves us to consider all that Jesus did for us.  And the girls’ choir adds a huge element of beauty to the performance. This …

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Sep 27 2013

What Do You Do in the Storm?

We may face illness, a loss of income, death of a loved one, a loss of a relationship, an accident, or some other incident in our lives that catches us off guard

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Sep 08 2013

Women’s Devotional: A Woman in Love, Part 2

Ask Jesus to write a love letter to you. Be quiet and listen as He gives you phrase by phrase His words of love.

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Jul 14 2013

Share Jesus Around Your Campfire

Those who know me well know that I spent many summers working in Christian camp ministries.  Some of my fondest memories are of sharing Jesus with campers and seeing many come to Christ.  Some of this sharing happened around campfires.  There is something peaceful and special about gathering around a fire as the day grows …

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Jun 16 2013

The Lord’s Prayer – Teaching Children How To Use It

How We Can Pray Like Jesus Taught Us To Pray

Start your prayer with words of praise and worship to God. An example is, “Lord, I worship You because you are so wonderful.”

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Mar 24 2013

Palm Sunday Praise

On this day we commemorate how Jesus entered Jerusalem humbly riding on the colt of a donkey. The people didn’t understand. They thought he was entering as the one who would set Himself up as King and drive out the tyranny of the Roman rulers.

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Nov 17 2012

You Love Me Anyway


Sometimes we feel unworthy to come back to Him again because of how far we’ve fallen or slipped up. Well, it’s true – We are all unworthy.

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Oct 22 2012

“Breathe” by Michael W. Smith

Listened to songbirds and busy squirrels and chipmunks. Worshiped God, and gave thanks

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May 31 2012

What Does Mitchondrial DNA Have To Do With The Bible?

…when we see how science backs up the Bible, it causes us to have a renewed sense of awe when we are having our devotions.

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May 29 2012

Max Lucado Devotionals

Lucado has a unique way with words that can paint word pictures that capture our hearts and lead us into experiencing God in a new way.

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