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Mar 16 2014

Spring Devotional: Jesus Chases Away the Rain

After a winter of bitterly cold weather and snowstorms, I’m eager to see spring finally arrive on the scene.  I know that spring often brings rain, and we may complain and wish for summer.  Then in the summer we’ll say we’re too hot and wish for cooler weather again.  We aren’t easily satisfied. When I …

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May 08 2012

Is the Weather Forecast Like Prophecy?

Snow in the spring?

Weather is terribly unpredictable, like rest of life. It reminds me of a fact I’ve heard about the odds of all the predictions of the Old Testament coming true. It’s a ratio of some-stupidly-large-number-with-lots-of-commas-and-zeros to one.

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Mar 15 2011

St. Patrick’s Day Devotional

The druid, Lochru, insulted Patrick and spoke bitterly against the Christian faith. Patrick was full of boldness from the Holy Spirit and cried out, “Oh Lord, who can do all things, who sent me here: May this wicked man who blasphemes Your name be carried up out of here and die straightway!” Lochru suddenly was flipped into the air by an unseen power and ….

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