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Feb 28 2015

God Leaves an Imprint

But we can’t always see the way God is working behind the scenes. He is weaving together circumstances, connections between people, changes in attitude and ideas, and many other things…

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Nov 16 2014

Don’t Crawl Off the Anvil!

The chain doesn’t break with the first blow, and maybe not even with the second or the third. He has to keep the chain hot and keeps pounding.

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Dec 11 2013

God is My Shield

If we understand that this battle actually exists, we can pray against these forces and bring the victory that Jesus won for us into every situation.

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Oct 16 2012

You Are the Potter; I Am the Clay

When I build a sculpture out of clay, I can see many parallels between the creative process I go through, and the way that God works in our lives.

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Apr 06 2010

One Word for God?

David Roberts

I started on my own quest to find a single word that would apply to God and to Him only. I considered several.

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