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Jul 21 2016

Replacing the Food Pyramid


There are always new changes in philosophies and research concerning nutrition and weight loss….But not so with our spiritual diet! The same recommended spiritual nutrients that worked 2000 years ago work now.

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Mar 21 2009

How to Use a Daily Devotional Resource

Many people find that keeping a journal helps them during their devotional times. You can take notes about things that really speak to you from your devotional readings and from the Scriptures. Also you can make note of what you are praying about and answers to prayer. Take time after reading and praying to be …

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Mar 21 2009

Devotional books can help us grow spiritually.

It often helps to discuss what you are learning through your daily devotions with others. Tell them how God is speaking to you and share what you are learning. Get their input. If you have a prayer partner, good friend, or a spouse, it can be a great idea to both read the same daily devotional and then talk about what God is showing you.

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