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Jun 01 2014

Camp Staff Devotional Only 99 Cents

…But a wonderful change in technology has now made it possible for camp staff to have a free Kindle reader on their smart phones and tablets. The free Kindle app is now available on Google Play, the Apple App Store, and the Windows Store! So now I have lowered the price of my Kindle camp staff devotional book to an affordable 99 cents, at least through the summer of 2014.

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Jun 11 2011

Campfire Devotions: Come Into His Presence


A campfire devotion that you can use at summer camp, at a retreat, or at a gathering of believers in Jesus.

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Feb 01 2011

Camp Staff Devotional Now on Kindle

The camp staff devotional “John Comes To Camp” is now being published on Kindle!

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Aug 28 2010


Joel in Haiti

They were majestic in warmth and light, but all that remains now is this pile of
ashes. Bending down further, I catch a colorful glimpse of a reddish amber glow. Could it be? A spark!

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Jun 08 2009

God Spoke With a Breeze

We could hear the leaves rustling, even though there was no wind, and we had not heard any wind in the trees at any other location. It sounded as though a breeze was blowing through the tops of the trees.

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Apr 08 2009

How To Choose A Camp Staff Devotional

Many Christian camps use a camp staff devotional which they either encourage or require their summer staff to read during their time of ministry at camp.  This is a great idea, because camp staff need to grow spiritually in order to be able to share their faith, pray for their campers, encourage each other, counsel, …

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