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Mar 21 2011

A Broken Wrist and Wounds of the Soul

I was really dismayed, because I thought I had enough faith to be healed. Looking at my twisted wrist, I wondered if I would ever be normal and be able to function properly again after this wounding.

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Jan 18 2011

Why Do You Need Revelation?

We need both kinds of revelation. We need to take in the written word of God while seeking for the Holy Spirit to speak to our hearts and bring revelation of how that word applies to us. We need daily revelation to know what God is showing us.

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Nov 28 2010

Give Up or Pursue?

David and his men returned home to find that their enemies had burned down their whole town. None of their possessions or members of their families were anywhere to be found. They were devastated and wept bitterly. Some of them even started to blame David and threatened to stone him to death.

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Sep 21 2010

Hearing the Still Small Voice of God

Dr. Marilyn Murphree

God taught Elijah that He was not in the other things—the rock shattering wind, the dreadful earthquake, or the fire. He was not in the spectacular.

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